Concrete Countertops & GFRC in Denver

Concrete Countertops have come a long way over the past 5-10 years. If you watch home improvement shows on channels like DIY or HGTV you have noticed the increasing trend in the use of concrete in many homes and businesses here in Colorado, Springs.

Whether your desire is to make a concrete end table, bathroom vanity, kitchen countertop or concrete countertops for your outdoor kitchen, Two Sisters Decorative Concrete Supply of Colorado Springs, Colorado can help you with every aspect of the job.

We offer product demonstrations, full hands-on training, concrete countertop mixes, Pre-Blended GFRC formulas, edge profiles, sink molds, coloring agents and countertop sealers.


casting-xs-precast-twosistersdcsXS PreCast Mix
The Xtreme Series PreCast mix is a  high early strength cementitious composite for casting concrete countertops, fireplace surrounds, wall and floor tiles and concrete furniture pieces. This material is a pourable hybrid GFRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete) technology that eliminates the long learning curve of typical concrete countertop  formulas that most are used to in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Coverage: 9.8 sq ft @ 1/2″
Demold: In as little as 5-6 hours

Additional Attributes:

  • Fiber reinforced = NO steel or rebar
  • Bendable during initial setup
  • Add up to 10 lb’s of aggregate to each kit


casting-xs-terrazzo-twosistersdcsXS Terrazzo Mix

Go Green with SureCrete’s Xtreme Series Terrazzo. This mix design allow for the use of recycled content such as glass, stone and metals for the casting of cement based terrazzo. It has the fastest demold time of any concrete terrazzo mix in the industry. XS Terrazzo is used to create thin lightweight concrete countertops, wall panels, shower surrounds, and tombstones in Denver, Colorado.

Coverage: 19 sq ft @ 1/2″ (w/ 50 lb’s of aggregate)
Demold: In as little as 5-6 hours
Aggregate Load: Up to 80 lb’s


casting-veining-twosistersdcsXS Veining
XS Veining is used with the XS PreCast mix to create natural looking veins in concrete countertops, wall panels, vessels, and fireplaces. XS Veining materials available in 30 standard colors. Call our store to see the color chart or simply come visit us in Colorado Springs, Colorado.




casting-xs-colors-twosistersdcsColor Packs
Used to integrally color your concrete casting mix purchasable from our store located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. When used with the Xtreme Series PreCast, GFRC Face, Backer, or Terrazzo mixes use (2) color packs per bag to achieve color on color chart.




casting-xs-face-twosistersdcsXS GFRC Face Mix
Xtreme Series GFRC Face Mix is the industries ONLY preblended and manufacture specified GFRC formula. XS GFRC Face mix combines the raw materials of sand and cement with other ingredients into a stronger, denser cementitious composite than ever before a hybrid glass fiber reinforced concrete that has NO polymers and NO Acrylics. This means no Freeze thaw issues for your raw materials and a larger temperature range for fabrication!  This is extremely valuable to those using precast concrete in the greater Denver, Colorado area.

Coverage: 9.8 sq ft @ 1/2″
Demold: In as little as 5-6 hours


casting-xs-backer-twosistersdcsXS Backer Mix
Xtreme Series Backer Mix is a glass AR fiber, dual component backing mix designed to provide high early strength to GFRC fabrication. XS Backer Mix is ideal for applications that require longer, thinner, more flexible and lighter pieces that cannot be accomplished through traditional poured concrete applications. Use XS Backer Mix in conjunction with XS GFRC Face Mix,  XS PreCast mix and XS Terrazzo for stronger and lighter pieces that are used throughout Denver and Colorado Springs.

Coverage: 9.8 sq ft @ 1/2″
Demold: In as little as 5-6 hours


Concrete Countertop Sealers



SureCrete’s XS-327 is a specially formulated hybrid water based polyurethane coating used to seal concrete countertops and GFRC panels. XS-327 is matte finish, low VOC (25 g/l), and delivers commercial grade abrasion resistance for concrete and cementitious surfaces. XS-327 is a  two component concrete sealer, 64% solids by weight, and may be reduced with water.  It’s ease of use and application makes this sealer a popular choice for sealing precast concrete in Denver and Colorado Springs.


casting-xs-pc12-twosistersdcsXS PC-12

SureCrete’s XS PC-12 is a specially formulated hybrid polyurethane coating used to seal concrete countertops and GFRC panels. XS PC-12 is gloss finish, low VOC (351 g/l), and delivers commercial grade abrasion resistance for concrete and cementitious surfaces in Denver. XS Pc-12 is a  two component concrete sealer and 53% solids by weight.




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